July 21, 2024

See the Playground!

Brooklyn’s Playground
3D Color Illustration

Brooklyn’s Playground 3D Color Illustration

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Did you know?…

  • The Brooklyn’s Playground outside “footprint” will be 150 ft. x 187 ft. – Over 28,000 square feet!
  • 14,000 sq. ft. will be covered in an all-weather rubberized surface designed to allow access for individuals with mobility challenges, yet provide a safe cushion in the event of falls.
  • The playground will require more lumber (all-synthetic) than two 3-bedroom homes!
  • Brooklyn’s Playground will not be built from a kit. With the exception of some specialized manufactured components, the entire playground will be built by volunteers on-site.
  • Building Brooklyn’s Playground will require up to 1,000 volunteers (440 – 550 per day), working in three shifts per day over the course of six days – 12,000 hours!
  • The playground will require almost 200 cubic yards of concrete.
  • During construction, nearly 4,000 meals will be served to volunteers.
  • Brooklyn’s Playground will be among the top 10 percent of the nation’s playgrounds for accessibility.  A child or parent in a wheelchair will be able to access seven different levels of the playground.
  • Posts will be set in more than 400 holes before the kick-off of Build Week on September 19.